„Barter to survive“ – Film und Präsentation am 6. Oktober 2017 – 17:00 Uhr

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Zsuzsa Katona film director and Sándor Söpkéz Managing Director  EastEuroCo

kindly invite you to attend the joint viewing of

„Barter to survive” , – The story of the Weiss family

historical documentary by Zsuzsa Katona and to the exclusive presentation of János Mátyásfalvi (Member of Lions Club Thomas Mann – Budapest) on

 How did Hungarian emigrants from New York and Radda Barnen Child Welfare Organization cooperated to support the displaced Hungarian families during the 1951-1953 years.


The event will be held on  Friday, 06 October, 2017 17:00-19:00

Venue:  Premier Kultcafé ( Üllői út 2-4 )

Participation: free of charge

The Weiss family, was one of the most defining family of the Hungarian economy from 1880-1944 period.  Manfred and Berthold established their company in the 1880’s, and moved to Csepel a decade later, which became the stronghold of the Hungarian and European industry. In 1944, everything has changed. The film covers the history of this family, the factory and 3 genius man, Manfréd Weiss, and his sun-in laws Móric Kornfeld and Ferenc Chorin jr. who played a significant social, political and economic role between the 2 wars. The 90 minutes film, will be followed by a presentation. The film is in Hungarian with English subtitle.